Mr.Fuchs' Art Class

D'Arcy McGee High School
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

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Welcome to my classroom website.

The D'Arcy Visual Arts program seeks to improve students' abilities no matter what level they are at upon entering the course.

Such areas such as drawing and painting are focused on, but each student can individualize their art education by choosing other mediums of their liking: clay, silkscreen and linoleum printing to name three.
We cover topics like human proportions, portraiture, and perspective drawing.
We also develop an artistic language to help understand works of art as well as any other visual information we might encounter on a day to day basis.

Art, it is said, is the soul of our society. At D'Arcy we seek to help our students better express and understand what that means.

Background Painting:

Almond Blossoms (1890) Vincent van Gogh

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These websites are meant to make you think. That being said, some of the articles and/or links on these sites might have content that is considered above your age group. There may be some rough or 'inappropriate' language or images. Please share these links with your parents or even better, engage them in conversation on the topics you find therein.